In 1942, the Faculty of Science was founded as one of the leading faculties at Alexandria University. The Faculty of Science is made up of departments and units. The faculty's departments are housed in several buildings that are allocated at different areas. Over 8000 undergraduate and graduate students, 525 devoted faculty and staff and 175 assistant, the Faculty of Science is committed to maintaining its record of excellence in teaching and research while it continues to recruit and educate the best and brightest students. The faculty establishes a tremendous learning atmosphere by harboring three distinct museums of Botany, Zoology and Geology. The faculty includes four of the most unique specialists in Egyptian Universities: Oceanography, Biochemistry,  and Environmental Sciences.

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Years of study:4

 Main Offered Degree: General degrees of Bachelor of Science in more than 55 fields. Special degree of Bachelor of Science in 14 fields. Post graduate diploma in 25 fields. Master of Science in 33 fields. Doctor of Philosophy in 33 fields. In addition to the Doctor of Science degree D.Sc.

 Dean: Prof. Mohamed Ismail Ibrahim


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The Faculty of Science, Alexandria University aspires to be a leading institution in education and research for basic and applied sciences as well as a national and international center of excellence (Faculty Vision).

The Faculty of Science is a vibrant, active and diverse scientific community that is a leading centre for the generation, dissemination and application of knowledge in the natural sciences and technology. Our professors are experts, active researchers, who by their excellence and excitement for science, greatly contribute to the success the University of Alexandria. The reputations of some staff members surpass Egyptian borders.

Our students are at the centre of our mission. There is a strong collegial spirit and good will among everyone in our faculty. This very special atmosphere is my greatest source of pride as Dean, and as a former student of the faculty.

We are constantly aware of our duty to challenge the existing knowledge about our physical world, to advance the boundaries of our thoughts about what is possible, to create the environment in which students and staff could imagine and explore the impossible. Our enthusiasm to bring about real change in the communities around us, is shared by all our members, staff, students and collaborative partners from other institutions and industry.

The faculty includes four of the most unique specialists in Egyptian Universities: Oceanography, Biochemistry, Geophysics, and Environmental Sciences. Our Oceanography and Environmental Sciences departments played a key role in the society and tackled the contemporary environmental problems inland as well as in marine environment. We are proud that our staff organizes many international events, workshops and conferences like the “International conference of Geochemistry” in the Department of Geology. The “Material Sciences” conference in the Department of Physics and the “International conference on Contemporary Environmental Issues” organized by the Department of Environmental Sciences.

We are proud of the excellent Masters and Doctoral graduates who began their careers as post-graduates in this Faculty. I wish you every success in your study and research and trust that you will thoroughly enjoy this experience and be able to look back on these years as among the most enjoyable, stimulating and productive of your life. We look forward to sharing the excitement of this experience with you.



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